A Rabbit's Paradise

A Rabbit's Paradise

I recently attended the IVRPA conference in Vienna where I was asked to do a 'show and tell' and a workshop 'Illustrated panoramas 101'. As part of the workshop attendees were asked to collage on globes using the papier mâche technique. An excellent exercise in understanding what happens with a drawing on a rounded surface. My students worked on cheap inflatable beach balls because these were easiest to transport to Vienna. I was left with a bunch so I decided to do some experimenting of my own and draw on a globe (can you spot the air nozzle?

This year I've been learning how to grow vegetables at Uitjeeigenstad. Our teacher told us to plant old unions around the perimeter of our gardens to keep the rabbits at bay. It turns out Rotterdam rabbits LOVE onions. They eat absolutely everything, even my garlic. Bastards...

Unfortunately inflatable beach balls are not the roundest balls in existence... This resulted in some problems with stitching the end result. Ultimately, we managed to reach an acceptable result. Only a few blurry patches left. I'm definitely going to try this again on a better ball.


The rabbits snacking on my vegetable patch, botanical drawings and 'Krtek the Mole' by Zdeněk Miler.