Under the Ocean

Under the Ocean

In early 2014 Diet Wiegman smashed much of his earlier work. He then offered the resulting fragments to other artists. They were challenged to create a new work of art using the shard in some way.

The results provided an exciting exhibition consisting of many diverse creations. This project had its start in the Gorcums Museum and was displayed for the second time in Pand Paulus during the exhibition 'Scherven brengen Kunst'. Again, artists were challenged to create a new work of art. I collected a shard of my own :)

My shard immediately reminded me of a sunken ship so I decided to incorporate it into a watery panorama. I had fun modeling and photographing a mock scene, containing the shard, to serve as a base for my drawing.


A shard originating from a (deliberately) smashed work of art by Diet Wiegman.